Saturday, July 24, 2010

Stafford Allpress - Hokianga Art Gallery

Stafford Allpress’ work bars will be exhibited in BUILT at the Hokianga Art Gallery in Rawene. Curated by Deborah Crowe, the show juxtaposes pieces from artists for whom assemblage, fabrication and construction play an integral part in their work. July 25 – 22 August 2010, preview day: Saturday July 24.

Installation views

Saturday, July 17, 2010

The first series of Stafford Allpress work arrives from Geraldine

Stafford's exhibition
'plain' runs from 16 - 26 September 2010

Collecting 101, an evening with art expert Warwick Brown

Warwick Brown will be giving an exclusive talk on Tuesday the 24th of August - limited seats available, register your interest now.
Janna van Hasselt, Comfort, 7 limited edition prints on various materials
Ben Pearce, 28 Various Preservations, wood

In the words of Warwick Brown: “The art collector must respond intuitively and immediately to an image that strikes a personal chord….buy what you like, but network, read, look a lot and think hard first”

The exhibition will feature work by the following artists: Seung Yul Oh (courtesy of starkwhite), Ben Pearce, Jacquelyn Greenbank, Scott Eady, Alexander Bartleet, Chris Clements, Sarah Williams, Richard Freestone, Tracey Black, Janna van Hasselt and Emma Fitts.

New work for the Kristin Perrett, Natasha Cantwell and Mark Rayner exhibition

Cantwell’s new photographs of unoccupied rooms, display the kitsch residues of erstwhile inhabitants.

Mark’s latest series of ceramic and mixed media sculptures were inspired by a visit to ‘Opossumworld’ in Napier.

Kristin has carefully crafted a series of fabric appliqué dolls depicting three of the iconic 16th century Tudors.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Richard Freestone's exhibition Propeller features his first range of limited edition prints

The Frontline, acrylic on board, 400x800mm

Counterfeit / Illegal Tender, acrylic on canvas, 1200x600mm

Half Dime, silkscreen, 350x500mm

Read more about Richard's show here

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Monday, July 5, 2010

House of Cards Decks - $60 each - limited edition of 200

each deck comes packed in a fancy tin

A selection of the cards

Emma, editioning and labeling the decks