Saturday, July 17, 2010

Collecting 101, an evening with art expert Warwick Brown

Warwick Brown will be giving an exclusive talk on Tuesday the 24th of August - limited seats available, register your interest now.
Janna van Hasselt, Comfort, 7 limited edition prints on various materials
Ben Pearce, 28 Various Preservations, wood

In the words of Warwick Brown: “The art collector must respond intuitively and immediately to an image that strikes a personal chord….buy what you like, but network, read, look a lot and think hard first”

The exhibition will feature work by the following artists: Seung Yul Oh (courtesy of starkwhite), Ben Pearce, Jacquelyn Greenbank, Scott Eady, Alexander Bartleet, Chris Clements, Sarah Williams, Richard Freestone, Tracey Black, Janna van Hasselt and Emma Fitts.