Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Collecting 101 - Talk & Exhibition

Setting up for the talk - Cam investigating a section of 28 Preservations by Ben Pearce and Kate double checking the exhibition schedule. Left to right: Comfort - Janna van Hasselt, Study - Alexander Bartleet, Pink Elephant - Richard Freestone.

Left to right: Between Worlds #1 - Peata Larkin (courtesy of Two Rooms Gallery, Auckland), Untitled - Sarah Williams, I : o : I - Seung Yul Oh (courtesy of Starkwhite), Windswept Bonsai - Jacquelyn Greenbank, Transcripts - Emma Fitts, Piper - Miranda Parkes (courtesy of Antoinette Godkin Gallery). Plinth: 28 Various Preservations - Ben Pearce.