Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Kakapo Numbers - 8 hour installation

This piece comprises an edition of 200 hand-printed photo-lithographs of the Kakapo bird and acts as a visual record of the Kakapo population. There is an X drawn through the prints that do not represent a living bird. The remaining images, which are not cancelled, represent the living population. When the piece was created, the population was around 83 and it now stands at 123.
4 hours - nearly time for a dinner break! John Pusateri in foreground.

6 hours - Cameron takes a moment to admire the installation

8 hours - finished!

Kakapo Numbers is a work in constant progress; as the X’s are erased up to the current population, they leaving an echo or reminder of previous population levels. This erasing also deteriorates the image slightly, and suggests the struggle involved in securing the Kakapo’s existence.

Don't miss John Pusateri updating Kakapo Numbers on Saturday 13 November, 12-1pm.